EPX Radiant Heater

EPX is the VAL6 Series’ most powerful, yet efficient model ever. With the enlarged combustion chamber, 20% larger radiation disk and improved atomization, the coexistence of power and economy is now possible.

EPX features a state of the art High/Low output control that enables its user to choose between a high or low output setting, thus making it very economical.

EPX also boasts an Advanced Monitoring System that includes automatic shutdown. In the event that the main body reaches above normal temperatures or the system detects over voltage conditions, the heater will automatically shutdown to prevent malfunction of main components.



LARGER RADIATION DISK – Compared to our regular VAL6 series, the radiation disk is 20% larger. Because of this, the EPX is able to radiate the infrared heat to objects further and wider away.

HIGH/LOW OUTPUT CONTROL – The EPX has an output control that enables its user to choose between a high or low output thus making it very economical.

LONG OPERATIONAL TIME – With a 15 gallon tank, the EPX is able to operate continuously for 20 hrs on the low output setting and 15 hrs on the high output setting. This enables it to operate all night long without refueling.

BUILT IN HEATER FOR FUEL LINE – As ambient temperature decreases, viscosity increases, to counterbalance this effect, a heater is built into the fuel line to keep the fuel moving smoothly.

BUILT IN THERMOSTAT – The surrounding temperature can be maintained by the built in thermostat. An external thermostat can also be attached via a connector to control temperatures that are a distance away.

ADVANCED MONITORING SYSTEM – Color indication lamps are equipped in the main control panel. Not only does this make the mode of operation available, but prompt troubleshooting is now possible by attaining precise information via various safety devices.


Advanced Monitoring System
EPX Radiation Disk

Safety Features

  • PREVENTION OF OVERHEATING:  To prevent malfunction, the heater has an automatic shutdown system when main body reaches temperatures above normal level.
  • TIP-OVER PROTECTION:  Heater will automatically shut off when heater falls or receives a strong impact.
  • OVER VOLTAGE DETECTION:  To prevent malfunction of main components, heater will automatically shut down when it detects over voltage conditions.
  • FLAME MONITOR:  The Flame monitor will shut the heater off if it detects low flame or no flame.
  • AFTER POWER OUTAGE: Prevention of automatic restart after a power outage prevents fire or undetectable accidents when the power is restored.
EPX Safety Features 2

Specification Chart

Heat Output High: 140,000 BTU/hr; Low: 100,000 BTU/hr
Fuel Kerosene, #1 Diesel
Fuel Consumption High: 1.02 gal/hr; Low: 0.75 gal/hr
Tank Capacity 15.4 gallons
Operating Time/Full Tank High: 15 hours; Low: 20 hours
Power Source 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption When igniting: 120 W; When burning: High: 90 W; Low: 89W
Operating Noise Level High: 67 dB (A); Low 63 dB (A)
Safety Device Photocell flame monitor, 3A fuse, Overheat prevention system, tip-over switch
External Dimension, HxWxD 38.2 x 25.4 x 48.6 in
Dry Weight 110 lbs

EPX Comparison Chart

Comparing EPX to KBE5L

EPX Comparison Chart


EPX Heater Parts

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