Grain Management

Having Problems with Spoilage?  Shrinkage?

KNOWING the temp & humidity of your stored grain AND the temp & humidity of the air going INTO your grain PLUS COMING OUT of your grain gives YOU infinitely better information that is CRUCIAL to keeping your grain in top condition!  From ‘basic’ stored grain management options to operational options that can operate your EconoDri-Val6 Grain Drying Combo—to operating your fans—all from the Pre-Sets on your SmartPhone—EconoDri-Val6 Grain Drying Combos are ramped up in sophistication—& convenience.
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grain management

Grain Management is Made Simple & AFFORDABLE with STEPS Grain Management System’s Smart Switch and Bin Monitor

Ensure the best return-on-investment for your grain. Control your grain bins from the beach!

STEPS Smart Switch


•  The Smart Switch will automatically turn on/off the fans according to your settings; or you can manually turn the fans on/off ANYTIME and ANYWHERE

•  In real time, you can read the current temperature/humidity at your bin site, change your settings, or simply monitor the current conditions

•  Used for natural air drying and to maintain market value while storing

•  Other applications include livestock barn fans, pivots and hay storage

STEPS Bin Monitor

Help Identify Potential Problems Before They Arise

 • Know the temperature of your grain at the bottom of bin and the temperature and relative humidity in the headspace (your exhaust air)

•  Includes a cable and one temperature sensor.  Additional sensors are available.

Both products are very cost-effective.  Compare with Bullseye.

NOTE:  Both products require a smart phone and internet at the location; the app is included free with purchase; and there are no additional subscription fees

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STS201900, Additional Sensor, Bin Monitor

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STS201132, STEPS Bin Monitor, 32' Cable

STS201132, STEPS Bin Monitor, 32′ Cable

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STS201124, STEPS Bin Monitor, 24' Cable

STS201124, STEPS Bin Monitor, 24′ Cable

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STS201118, STEPS Bin Monitor, 18' Cable

STS201118, STEPS Bin Monitor, 18′ Cable

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STS101100 Smart Switch

STS101100, STEPS Smart Switch

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