EconoDri-Val6 Grain Transition

Delivering wet grain to town can mean TOO much SHRINK and TOO much drying CHARGE!

The EconoDri Grain Transition concept puts the same idea to work as when standing crops dry naturally on low humidity fall days.  Combine an EconoDri chamber with VAL6 radiant energy to create the same effect.

EconoDri Grain Transition
EconoDri-Val6 Combo

The Unique, Patented EconoDri Grain Transition Construction Effectively:

  • Eliminates radiant energy loss
  • Eliminates radiant heat loss
  • Reduces flow-through air humidity
  • Delivers air temp rise
  • Maintains vital heater operating efficiency
  • Virtually eliminates monoxide and costly un-burnt fuel inefficiency.  (That heavy gassy drying bin smell is FUEL that you PAID for!)
  • Virtually eliminates monoxide-to-grain contamination

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