Reduce Summer Heat Stress with 

QuietCool Portable Evaporative Coolers

  • Maintenance Free – Engineered by our Father and Son team of engineer’s and manufactured to be virtually maintenance free.
  • Easy to operate – Needs only tap water and electricity to operate.
  • No waste – Engineered to be highly efficient, no water is wasted.
  • Easy to move – Completely portable, so anyone can roll it quickly to any hot area. Comes standard with straight and swivel casters.
  • Air flow – QuietCool is tested for maximum air flow at operating static pressure – ensuring you maximum air flow.
  • Amazingly Cooler Air – Discharged air is down to 26ºF degrees cooler than the incoming air. Amazing.
  • Filtered Air – Filters the air as is passes through the water saturated cooling media – eliminating many air borne particles.
  • Plus – Portable 60 gallon water reservoir is available where no water supply is readily accessible. Large 10″ semi-pneumatic rough terrain wheels available too.


Already have a QuietCool Cooler?  Need parts?

Quietcool Cooler Pump
Evaporative Treatment Tablets
Quietcool Filter Pads

Summer is Here!

Pressure Washers
Is you washer just not doing the trick anymore? Do you need Ag & Industrial's Spring Start-Up Pressure Washer Maintenance Program?  Maybe your job has changed. Everything's bigger & there's more of it. With plenty of trade-in's & new washers, we can fit a washer to your work load.


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Winter is Over!


Waste Oil Heaters
Treat your heater to our factory approved Spring Shut Down Heater Maintenance Program & have it ready to go next winter when cold weather comes again.


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