Pressure Washers

Winter is Over - Spring is Here! It's a Perfect Time for a Tune Up!

Is your washer not doing the trick anymore? You need Ag & Industrial's factory approved Spring Maintenance Program. Time to upgrade? We have new washers and trade-ins. We can fit a washer to your needs. 

Burner Maintenance Program

Treat your heater to our factory approved Waste-Oil Burner Maintenance Program and have it ready to go next winter when cold weather comes again. It's as easy as boxing your burner up & sending it to us. Call us for details. Mention the Special Discount. Promotion ends August 15th.

waste oil burner

We service and sell parts for most major brands of washers and heaters!

Get Ready For Grain Drying Season with Our Patented Val6-Econodri Combo!

The EconoDri Grain Transition concept puts the same idea to work as when standing crops dry naturally on low humidity fall days. Combine an EconoDri chamber with VAL6 radiant energy to create the same effect.

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