Val6 EconoDri Combo


Whether the EconoDri/VAL6 combo is integrated with automated fan systems or manually, the net result is for more economical, more cost-efficient drying.

Get Ready For Grain Drying Season with Our Patented Val6-Econodri Combo!


VAL6/EconoDri Grain Drying Combo

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Safe-T-Katch Calf Catcher
Safe-T-Katch Calf Catcher

Safe-T-Katch Calf Catchers

Dairy and cow calf profits are directly affected by newborn calf health. Every untreated (or treated too late) sick calf costs you gain and costly unnecessary medication.  The calf also has more chance to pass the bug around.  Safe-T-Katch Calf Catchers can help!

Safe T Katch Calf Catcher

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VAL6 EconoDri Combo

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Safe-T-Katch Calf Catcher