HOTGUN Radiant Heater

HOTGUN Hot Air Spot Heater HG125NA

The Hotgun spot space heater heats the air with its high efficiency combustion system,and a conversion rate from fuel to energy of nearly 100%. This remarkable technology achieves very quiet combustion of 69dB, high efficiency and long-running time with hottest air flow on the market.

The Hotgun can run over 15 hours with its 14.3 gallon tank and can be operated with diesel or kerosene. With the "Hotgun 125NA", you will experience the new heater concept, and you won't be able to live without it in the winter.


Stacking Construction

A pipe frame construction can be stacked three high for storage.
Hotgun stacked

Temperature distribution

The direction of the airflow can be adusted up or down by 23°. The hot air discharge angle is changed by simply moving a lever on the hot air outlet section.
Temperature distribution

Specification Chart

Heat Output 116,000 BTU/hr
Fuel Kerosene, #1 Diesel
Fuel Consumption 0.9 gal/hr
Tank Capacity 14.3 gallons
Hot air flow 636 cft/min
Power Source 120V, 60Hz Single Phase
Power Consumption 176W
Control System 5 sec. prepurge, 180 sec. post purge
Safety Device Photocell flame monitor, Fuse, Overheat prevention
Burner Type High pressure spray gun type
Dry Weight 82 lbs


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