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The EconoDri/VAL6 combo is positioned with the EconoDri narrow end close to the bin fan intake and the VAL6 radiant heater is centered into the flared end, until it is just short of touching the EconoDri.  There is an almost infinite variety of aeration-bin sizes and corresponding aeration fans.  EconoDri has been designed to be compatible with a variety of bin fan cfm ratings, and the primary intent is that the easiest air for the bin fan to take in, should be the dehumidified EconoDri air.

The secondary EconoDri/VAL6 benefit is the accompanying rise in air temp. What is important to keep in mind is that the EconoDri/VAL6 dry air available to the fan is relative to the amount of fan-cfm-air, and the resulting drier and warmer air will be relative to the amount of air (cfm) being moved by the bin fan.  As EconoDri/VAL6 combos are used with larger and larger capacity bins and fans, there does reach a point where matching the fans capacity with EconoDri/VAL6 capacity takes the form of using multiple combos to feed the bin fan.

Another benefit of this is when the larger bin is dried, being able to split the combos to use by smaller bins, individually, or still use in multiples for higher moisture grain.


Regardless of fan cfm ratings, fans are NOT designed to be air-starved. Do NOT block the fan intake to force all intake to come through the EconoDri/VAL6 combo. If the easiest air for the fan to pull in is the dry air, the fan needs available “free” air to fill its performance spec’s.

Depending on the application, if the fan is capable of considerably more air movement than one combo provides, a 2nd combo can help.

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