All detergents come in a 5 gallon bucket. Contact us for 55 gallon drum pricing.

Detergents & Degreasers

Brush Brite

An extremely rich high foaming product that is comparable to dawn dish washing detergents.  An excellent lubricant for brushing. It also provides a rich, thick, lasting foam. Has a pleasant scent and contains premium wax to provide exceptional rinsing capability.

Dakota Wash

Our most popular all purpose cleaner. A high foaming agriculturally based non hazardous concentrate formulated for multiple applications. Dakota Wash is safe on all surfaces including polished and anodized aluminum. This product can be used as a general purpose detergent for high pressure and hand washing applications. High pressure dilution ratios up to 250 parts soft water to 1 part product or 1 to 2 ounces per gallon for hand washing or brush applications. Dakota Wash has a nice lemon fragrance and contains a foam boosting agent.


Liquid Magic

Liquid Magic is a brushless detergent. It blends completely with no mess and contains corrosion inhibitors to fight scale and build up associated with powdered soap. Safe on polished aluminum at 25:1 or higher ratio. It is also biodegradable.

Smoke Soap

An excellent degreaser, diesel smoke remover and tractor trailer drive through brush wash soap. Smoke Soap penetrates and emulsifies heavy greases and oil. It can be used to clean heavily soiled concrete and remove smoke stains from shop walls. It is biodegradable and guaranteed to clean your toughest jobs. Dilution ratios will depend on the severity of the job. Most importantly, do not use on polished or anodized aluminum.

Super Citrus

A high foaming citrus based degreaser and bug remover. Super Citrus is formulated with a blend of citrus solvents, high foaming ethoxylates, emulsifiers and alcohols. Which allows for exceptional penetration and quick dissolving of grease, oil and bugs.

Aluminum Brighteners


A sulfuric blend formulated to clean over the road trailers without brushing. Leaves a bleach white finish. Most importantly, do not allow product to dry prior to rinsing. For the safest and most effective application, we suggest using our chemical injector. Alum-Anew is effective when used with hot or cold water. Apply 10 parts water to 1 part Alum-Anew. However, do not use on glass, polished, or anodized aluminum.

Dakota Brite

An ag powered hydrofluoric acid cleaner specially formulated to reduce etching, increase safety and product biodegradability. Dakota Brite Plus has been EPA excepted in all 50 states. It is much safer to use and handle than other hydrofluoric products. Do not allow product to dry. However, not for use on polished aluminum.

Silver Brite

A polished aluminum cleaner and brightener. Silver Brite is a blended acid product specially formulated to leave the satin finish on new stock trailers and tankers. It is excellent for truck washes and trucking companies who don’t like traditional hydrofluoric based brighteners. A better, more economical cleaner than the leading citric based products. Removes corrosive road salt and film. Tested, proven and used by numerous washes around the country since 1996.

Trailer Brite

Trailer Brite is a phosphoric blend formulated to clean over the road trailers with brushing. Leaves a satin finish. It is effective when used with hot or cold water and is excellent for companies that also use aluminum brighteners on trailer floors. However, for the safest and most effective application, we suggest using a chemical injector.

Parts Washer Detergent

Bug Off

A specially formulated non caustic cleaner designed to remove bugs from metal and glass surfaces. Use Bug Off prior to washing to soften and remove bugs from the entire front of the vehicle. Mix one part Bug Off to 3 parts water and apply with a pump on sprayer onto desired surface. Follow with the regular wash detergent and rinse.

Kleen ZZ

Highly concentrated, multi-metal safe, alkaline powdered detergent engineered to produce superior cleaning results for aqueous process parts cleaning. Performs in all solvent-free, aqueous industrial parts washers from heated high-pressure spray cabinet, conveyorized systems, and immersion type tanks.


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Kleen ZZ Detergent

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Dakota Wash

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