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Calving Time's #1 Tool

Safe-T-Katch Calf Catchers

Dairy and cow calf profits are directly affected by newborn calf health.  Every untreated (or treated too late) sick calf costs you gain and costly unnecessary medication.  The calf also has more chance to pass the bug around.  Safe-T-Katch Calf Catchers can help!

Over Years of Use, it Costs Just PENNIES per Calf per Year!

You get more for your money with SAFE-T-KATCH!  Durable, versatile tools that cut down time and risk for you and your crew!


  •  Fully cushioned, plastic covered steel tool – AVOIDS BRUISES
  •  Hook shape lessens kick-out escapes
  •  Lightweight, yet strong and durable
  •  Easy to use, one size fits all
  •  Eliminates rodeo-style rundown
  •  Easy to carry – one hand operation keeps other hand free
  •  Two versatile lengths – 6 ft or 3-1/2 ft.

Sate-T-Katch Calf Catchers Field Tested on Over 175,000 Calves!

calf catcher
  •  Increases the percentage of success on first try catches
  •  Makes treatments more effective because sick calves can be caught earlier and easier
  •  Makes doctoring and tagging newborns easier
  •  Saves time and decreases hazard by keeping calf and cow calmer and quieter
  •  Reduces stress on calf, mother cow and handler
NO Moving Parts * NO Screwing Together Parts * NO Folding * NO Assembly * NO Weak Points
One Piece Strength For Years of Service!


Safe-T-Katch Calf Catchers

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Short Safe-T-Katch Calf Catcher

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