FIR1300 Far Infrared Heater

Safer and deeper heat penetration with less intensity ~ Far Infrared Heater FIR1300

FIR1300 is far infrared ray and wide radiant heat.  Becoming warm inside.  FIR1300 carries the properties of far infrared heat which by nature is able to penetrate deeper into objects in the way sunlight works.

The new FIR1300 offers a great option to heat an area that you would not normally use one of the other VAL6 models.  Great for tent events, stores, waiting rooms, large foyers, food truck lines.  The applications are endless.  The FAR INFRARED heating technology produces the longest reaching heat rays among infrared style heaters.  Heat penetrates deeper in to objects but gives you the quiet operation, no smoke or smell.

The sleek design fits well in to an office or warehouse environment.  The strong heavy duty casters make for super easy maneuverability.  Additional features include, 8 gallon fuel tank, built in thermostat, diesel or kerosene fuel use, 21-22 hour continuous run time, and all standard safety features.


Key Features

  • Clean exhaust by perfect combustion
  • Low noise design allows for quiet operation
  • Non-open flame safety design
  • Space saving, thin-flat design
  • Can be operated with built-in-thermostat


  • Event sites
  • Stores and restaurants
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Outdoor dining
  • Patios
  • Tent Parties

Features of Far Infrared Rays

FIR1300 Infrared Waves
Far Infrared waves travel in a straight line and is not affected by wind
  • Far infrared ray has the longest rays among infrared rays. With high permeability into objects, it is able to heat not only on the surface but also inside simultaneously.
  • By the nature of far infrared rays, the object's surface temperature is relatively low and safe.
Facts about Far Infrared Ray

Specification Chart

Heat Output 52,000 BTU/hr
Fuel Kerosene, #1 Diesel
Fuel Consumption .38 gal/hr
Tank Capacity 8 gallons
Power Source AC 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption In Ignition: 85W; In Burning: 60W
Continuous Operating Time 20 hours
Safety Device Photocell flame monitor, 3A fuse, Overheat prevention system, tip-over switch
External Dimension, HxWxD 45.3 x 36.2 x12.6 in
Carbon Monoxide Density 0 ppm
Operating Noise Level 50 db (A)


FIR1300 Heater Parts

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