Energylogic Waste Oil Heater

How much do you really want to spend to heat your business? Here’s an idea: How about $0. That’s right—Nothing! Now, here’s another question: Why do you pay to have waste oil removed when it’s a valuable fuel for heating? That’s like paying someone to drain your bank account!

So don’t burn cash! Instead, burn your used oil to heat your business for free. Waste oil heaters are more efficient and more cost-effective than traditional heaters and, on top of that, they’re better for the environment! EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heaters get you warmer faster with a burner that produces double the heat-rise of any other waste oil furnace on the market.


How does A Waste Oil Heater Work?

A storage tank on the burner is filled with waste oil from 5 weight to 90 weight, including synthetic. An electric motor operates a circulating fan that pulls air into a blast tube. A pump draws the waste oil from the storage tank and through a filtration system. The filtered waste oil is pumped to the burner system and pre-heated to the perfect temperature for more complete and even combustion.

The pre-heated oil is sprayed into the blast tube where the oil mixes with air. The heated mix of waste oil and air are ignited by a high voltage electric current and is passed over a heat exchanger to remove heat from the ignition. The heat exchanger’s warmth is passed efficiently to cooler air or water passing through the heat exchanger’s other side. All of this heat is vented out to the main space or system to be heated and leftover gas is vented to the outside of the space by a chimney.


  • Burn fuel efficiently – With our complete combustion technology, you’ll get the most heat from the fuel you collect.
  • Burn more types of oil – Burn waste oil ranging from 5 weight to 90 weight, including synthetics, without manual adjustments.
  • Get warmer faster – Our heaters produce twice of our competitors.
  • Quick and easy cleaning – The swing-away burner and ash removal port make our furnaces easy to maintain.
  • On-board air compressor – You don’t need to hook up shop air to our furnaces. Now you can use your tools and the furnace at the same time.
  • Get a custom plan – With the industry’s widest selection of accessories, we can create a tailored solution for your space.

The heart of our Waste Oil Heaters - The Waste Oil Burner

In waste oil heating, nothing is more important than generating the hottest, cleanest-burning flame. That’s why EnergyLogic only uses the best burner in our waste oil burners. Our American-made Beckett chassis delivers near complete combustion, resulting in the highest heat output and the least ash accumulation.

Energylogic Burner

Clean less - Our superior flame incinerates more impurities that cause ash, resulting in the longest cleaning interval in the industry.

On-board air compressor - Shop air is for work, not heat. Our burner’s pre-installed air-compressor is small, quiet and delivers perfect airflow for waste oil heating.

Burn more fuels – Use the widest range of used and waste oils—No.2 to 90W, including synthetics—with no manual adjustments.

Made in the USA - Our burner is produced in Ohio by Beckett, a family-owned and run manufacturer recognized as the leader in fuel combustion technology since 1937.

Double the heat rise - Our Beckett burner flame is 1,500+ degrees, with heat output 120 degrees above room temp--double the competitions’.



Heats up to 3,500 square feet

Fuel Flow Rate 1.0 gal/hr
BTU Input 140,000 per hr
Heat Rise Over Input Air 100° - 120° F
Air Flow 1000 cfm
Warm Air Outlet Dimensions 15"W x 15"H
Exhaust Flue Diameter 6" or 8" diameter
Furnace Dimensions 18"H x 18"W x 92"L
Furnace Weight 295 lbs


Heats up to 5,000 square feet

Fuel Flow Rate 1.4 gal/hr
BTU Input 200,000 BTU per hr
Heat Rise Over Input Air 100° - 120° F
Air Flow 1500 cfm
Warm Air Outlet Dimensions 15"W x 15"H
Exhaust Flue Diameter 6" or 8" diameter
Furnace Dimensions 18"H x 18"W x 103"L
Furnace Weight 315 lbs


Heats up to 9,000 square feet

Fuel Flow Rate 2.5 gal/hr
BTU Input 350,000 BTU per hr
Heat Rise Over Input Air 100° - 120° F
Air Flow 2600 cfm
Warm Air Outlet Dimensions 15"W x 15"H
Exhaust Flue Diameter 8" diameter
Furnace Dimensions 22"H x 22"W x 117"L
Furnace Weight 415 lbs

Energylogic Tanks

When it comes to waste oil heating, ordinary fuel storage tanks just won’t do. Recycled oil contains many impurities, sludge, and even water. But our tanks are smart enough to handle those challenges, delivering cleaner fuel for superior combustion.

Elevated fuel pickup - Impurities settle, so our fuel pick-up is set six inches above the bottom.

Pump at fuel source - Air causes problems. With our tanks, you can avoid air and pump right at the source.

Low fuel cutoff - Our tanks sense low-fuel conditions and turn off the system before there’s a problem.

Integrated drain valve - Easily purge sludge, antifreeze, and other contaminants that settle at the bottom of the tank.

Energylogic Tank