KBE5L 2-Step Safe-T-Halo


KBE5L Safe-T-Halo

Under cold conditions, the urgency to warm up with your Val6 radiant space heater can sometimes over-ride caution. When layered and/or insulated cover-all’s are chilled-thru, the natural temptation is to position as close to the Val6 heat as possible and the over-dressed-for-the-cold person MAY not feel immediate heat because of insulated / layered clothing.

This can potentially cause clothing to singe and/or begin to smoke, and oil, grease, and flammable liquids-soaked clothing can be susceptible to igniting, especially if said clothing can be frayed or ragged from hard work conditions. While we always recommend awareness and caution of frayed clothing, and attention to potential fire risk, Safe-T-Halo is an EZ-To-Add physical AND visual cautionary barrier designed to both visually suggest safe distance from super-heated radiant disk as well as physically maintain more safe distance from heat surface.

Sensible awareness of possible oil, gas, grease and/or ANY flammables is also of utmost importance and while a Safe-T-Halo does not represent itself to be responsible for every variable, the preventative Safe-T-Halo is highly regarded as a common sense safety complement option.

This Safe-T-Halo is for the KBE5L 2-Step Model of VAL6 Radiant Heater.

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KBE5L Safe-T-Halo

NOTE: Under extreme cold conditions, children who may be attracted to warming by the Val6, may not be expected to make correct safety decisions, and they are especially the focus for use of Safe-T-Halo. We strongly urge adult supervision under all circumstances!

Safe-T-Halo assembly includes mounting rails, replacement bolts and special design Halo. Also includes self-store slots so Halo can be in upright-store position when moving through doorways or in off-season.