Waste Oil Heaters

Waste Oil Heaters

315 Waste Oil Heater

Does your operation’s maintenance program create a surplus of waste oil and have winter heating bills?  If so, then our heaters are just for you!

Clean burning and economical, the Horizon Waste Oil Heaters are the most user-friendly waste oil heater on the market!  Every gallon of used oil contains 140,000 BTU’s of energy.  Our heaters converts those BTU’s into money-saving energy to heat your shop.  New and reconditioned, count on Ag & Industrial Equipment to work for you to deliver the best value in heater size and price.  We have a plan tailored to every budget!

Energylogic Waste Oil Heaters

EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heaters will get you warmer faster with less maintenance by generating the hottest flame in the industry.  Our waste oil heaters’ patented flame retention head is designed for complete combustion, which offers two big benefits: First, you get the highest heat output–double the heat rise compared to the competition.  Second, you get the longest maintenance interval, due to a flame so hot it incinerates most impurities, leaving less ash to clean.

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