Kleen ZZ Detergent


Highly concentrated, multi-metal safe, alkaline powdered detergent engineered to produce superior cleaning results for aqueous process parts cleaning.

  • Quickly removes grease, oils, carbonaceous soils, and other soils.
  • Will NOT darken or turn aluminum black.
  • Improves sediment testing of cleaned components.
  • Excellent rinse ability leaving parts clean, bright and residue free.
  • Contains NO silicone based ingredients that interfere with new coatings or paint.
  • Safe for use on ferrous and non-ferrous sensitive metal parts, rubber, or plastic parts.
  • 50 Pound Pail

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Kleen ZZ Parts Washer Detergent

Performs in all solvent-free, aqueous industrial parts washers from heated high-pressure spray cabinet, conveyorized systems, and immersion type tanks.

Concentration and Use Instructions

  • Heavy Duty Cleaning –  Add 3 – 5% by weight of detergent per gallon of water.
  • Time –  5 – 45 minutes depending on equipment type being used and level of concentration.
  • Temperature  – 140° – 210°F
  • Mixing Instructions –  powder can be mixed readily into the aqueous parts washers’ heated water-filled sump by two typical methods. First method, add the desired amount of Kleen ZZ onto the washers turn table or cabinet floor, close the door and operate the sprayers for ten minutes to dissolve and mix the powder thoroughly. The second method is while the wash pump is activated, pour detergent slowly over the pumps intake area and let mix for ten minutes. Kleen ZZ dissolves readily and may be added to an opened tank of hot water with minimal agitation. It will not erupt in hot water like caustic-based products.

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Weight55 lbs
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