GP5 Radiant Heater


The GP5II (propane) is the newest model produced for the Val6 series.  It incorporates a gas burner into our infrared heater technology as it utilizes a premixed combustion burner that creates a blue flame due to premixing the fuel gas and air in advance.  This means virtually silent operation and clean combustion.


Clean Combustion – The efficiency of our premixed gas combustion system means the GAS VAL6 produces less than 1 ppm of carbon monoxide – 10-20 times less than typical torpedo-style heaters.

Quiet Operation – The premixed gas combustion allows heater to minimize operation noise, coming in at about 60dB as compared with a typical forced air heater, at 75dB, or more.

Adjustable Angle – The vertical angle of the radiation disk is adjustable up to 90°.

GP5II Specification Chart

Heat Output122,000 BTU/Hr
Fuel Consumption50.5 cfh
FuelPropane Gas
Power Source120V 60Hz
Power ConsumptionWhen Igniting: 97W, When Burning: 81W
Airflow110 CFM
Noise Level60dB
Safety DeviceFlame Monitor / Overheat Protection / Tip-Over Switch / Air Switch
Dimensions (HxWxL)35.3 x 31.7 x 30.3 inch
Dry Weight110.2 Lbs

Adjustable Vertical Angle



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