KSL-B-48A – High Low Switch

  • For a KBE5L 2-Step made from 2012/2013 01D-04, without cord
  • Same as MPX-2-26 for MPX Models
  • VAL6 is a series of heaters. It is not the model name.

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KSL-B-48A – High Low Switch


Reference Numbers: 

  • 50254-204007
  • 50254 204007
  • KSL-B-48A
  • MPX-2-26

Other Switches:

  • KBE5S made before 2012/2013 use KSL-B-29
  • KBE5S made from 2013/2014 01C-01 with cord use KSL-B-29A
  • KBE5L-2 Step made from 2010/2011 01F-04, with cord takes KSL-B-48


VAL6 is a series of heaters. It is not your model name. We suggest you refer to your manual that came with your machine for correct part number.  If you still have questions you can call our service or parts department at 800-846-5157.

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