KSL-B-25C - Burner Control Circuit Board

KSL-B-25C – Burner Control Circuit Board

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  • For KBE5S Only made from 2006 with 01J-04 serial number till 2012/2013 with 01D-05 serial number or with any of these letters in the serial number:  J, I H, G, F, E, D  – WITH OVER VOLTAGE LIGHT
  • Make sure #50300-201032 is printed on board you are replacing
  • With Over Voltage Light

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Code #50300-201032


KSL-B-25C – Burner Control Circuit Board with Over Voltage

KSL-B-25C – Burner Control Circuit Board

Other Circuit Boards:

  • KBE5S Models made from 2006/2007 to 2012/13 – WITHOUT OVER VOLTAGE use KSL-B-25B
  • KBE5S Models made from 2006 SN 01J- till 2012/2013 SN 01D – WITH OVER VOLTAGE  use a KSL-B-25C
  • KBE5S Models made from 2012/2013 SN 01C-01 till present use KSL-B-25E
  • KBE5L 2-Step Models made from 2010/2011 SN 01F-04 till 2012/2013 SN 01D-03 use KSL-B-25D
  • KBE5L 2-Step made from 2012/13 SN 01D-03 use KSL-B-25E

We suggest you refer to your manual that came with your machine for correct part number.  If you still have questions you can call our service or parts department at 800-846-5157.


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