Val-Mat Heat Shielding Mat
Val-Mat Heat Shield Mat

To prevent fire or damage to combustible floor surfaces, always use a “Heat Shield Mat” when operating VAL6 heaters.

Manual Holder

We believe in including a replacement fuel filter and fuel nozzle with new VAL6 purchases.  In light of the tendency to misplace or lose the manual and kit, we offer an easy-to-add storage tube kit assembly.

Keep your parts or service manual dry & always know where there at with our manual holder.  Just mounts on to handle. No need for additional drilling, tapping or extra parts.

KBE5S Safe-T-Halo
Safe-T-Halo for KBE5S & KBE5L

Under cold conditions, the urgency to warm up with your VAL6 radiant space heater can sometimes over-ride caution. The preventative Safe-T-Halo is highly regarded as a common sense safety complement option.  Safe-T-Halo assembly includes mounting rails, replacement bolts and special design Halo and also includes self-store slots so Halo can be in upright-store position when moving through doorways or in off-season. * Model in picture may vary. When ordering need to specify which unit it be intended for.

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